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Justin Upton and Melvin Upton Jr.'s sibling rivalry peaked when they each hit HR No. 100 on the same day

Ah, sibling rivalry. Anybody who has a brother or sister knows what that means. Competition of the highest order for just about any reason, whether you're battling it out over who gets to sit in the front seat, who gets to play the xBox next, or any number of other otherwise mundane arguments.
For quite some time now, baseball fans have been able to watch Justin Upton and Melvin Upton, Jr. (who went by B.J., for "Bossman Junior," for most of his career) slug it out on the diamond. They even played on the same team for two seasons with the Braves in 2013 and '14. 
As the elder brother, Melvin began his career earlier than Justin, debuting in 2004 with the Rays. Justin's debut came with the D-backs three years later. Both remained on their respective teams through 2012, and on Aug. 3 of that year, they achieved the very same milestone: Each hit his 100th career home run. 
Facing Kyle Kendrick of the Phillies, Justin muscled up with this shot to left field at Citizens Bank Park: 

At this point, Justin held the top spot on the Upton family power rankings, though his reign would be short-lived.
Later that evening, Melvin hit his No. 100 in the fourth inning of a scoreless game against Tommy Hunter and the Orioles at Tropicana Field: 

This type of behavior is par for the course, any little brother will tell you, as older brothers always have to show you who's boss(man).
They'd go on to set a record during their time in Atlanta when, in 2014, they each hit a homer in the same game for the fifth time. This achievement broke the previous record of four times, which had been shared with Jason and Jeremy Giambi and Vladimir and Wilton Guerrero. 
Melvin, now 33, has not officially retired, though he hasn't appeared in an MLB game since 2016, while Justin remains a key contributor for the Angels this season. 
Here's hoping the both of them end up in the same lineup again in the future, somehow, and add to their same-game heroics at least one more time.