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Watch as wily 39-year-old Victor Martinez bunts against the shift for an infield single

Throughout his 16 big league seasons, Victor Martinez has always been a very good hitter. He holds a .295 lifetime batting average and has hit .300 or better eight different times. Unfortunately, at the age of 39, V-Mart's numbers have dipped and he's stated that he'll retire at the end of 2018.

But why retire, we ask you, V-Mart, when you can do things like this:

That was a bunt single against the shift during the Tigers' 2-1 win over the Cubs on Tuesday. Martinez has become quite adept at bunting against the shift in his late-30s, doing nearly the exact same thing last season:

He's now 2-for-3 with two singles on bunt attempts throughout his career.

What if, and stop us if this sounds ridiculous (we don't care we won't stop), Martinez transforms from designated hitter to designated bunter into his early-40s? A proficient, professional buntman, who can come off the bench and lay down some sweet buntage with the slight flick of his lumber? 

Think about it, V-Mart.