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The final Pierogi Race of 2016 ended in dramatic fashion

Instant replay was badly needed during Thursday night's rain-shortened 1-1 tie between the Pirates and Cubs, but this was far from your standard baseball replay. During the middle of the game, PNC Park held its traditional Pierogi Race and it featured quite the remarkable finish.
The final Pierogi Race of the 2016 season turned into a two-way contest between Sauerkraut Saul (red hat) and Cheese Chester (yellow hat) after Saul shoved poor Bacon Burt out of the way. Saul and Chester were neck-and-neck for the final steps and then, well, see for yourself:

Who won?! The official ruling is that Saul won, despite the questionable sportsmanship shown to Burt, but look at that photo finish. That might as well be a tie.
A tie in the Piergoi Race and a tie in the ballgame? Maybe something was in the air at PNC Park.