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A four-year-old tee ball player taught Jose Altuve and Jake Marisnick how to celebrate a base hit

There's been a lot of discussion in baseball recently about much celebration is appropriate. Should you flip your bat? Should you high five yourself when you notch a strikeout? Should you moonwalk around the bases after you hit a home run? We can debate those questions all day, or we can acknowledge that actions speak louder than words and just watch four-year-old Cooper Buell have the time of his life at a tee ball game.
Back in March, he celebrated a hit with a pretty solid bat flip:

Once Cooper got on base, he busted out some dances moves so intense, not even his batting helmet could handle them:

This moment is pretty unforgettable on its own, but thanks to Bank of America and the Astros, Cooper and his family have a new MLB memory for their scrapbook. They were invited to Minute Maid Park in early April, and Cooper held a clinic for Jose Altuve and Jake Marisnick. Even Orbit (who's got some pretty sweet moves himself) had something to learn.

Hey, Jake and Jose -- now that you know the dance, we expect to see it every time you reach base. Every time! No exceptions.