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Watch CC Sabathia travel through Platform 9 3/4 on his way to Hogwarts

(Clair, Michael)

We're not sure when, and we're not sure how, but sometime this offseason, Hagrid must have found Yankees starter CC Sabathia and, getting nice and close to his face, told him, "You're a wizard, CC!"

How else would you explain Sabathia donning a cloak and walking straight through Platform 9 3/4 on his way to Hogwarts' School of Witchraft and Wizardry, complete with cloak that can fit his 6-foot-7 frame? 

It all makes plenty of sense now. The movement on his slider and changeup, which have topped out at 33 and 22 runs above average, respectively, could obviously only be powered by magic. Like, say, using the Arresto Momentum spell to get his changeup to slow down a few ticks. 

But now I'm left with only more questions. Like, how will he squeeze in his Defense Against the Dark Arts classes during the season? What position will he play on the quidditch team? And what is the form of his Patronus? (I'm guessing that it's Babe Ruth riding upon a majestic white steed.)