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Curtis Granderson hit a monster home run out of the park and into the woods

Around this time of Spring Training, the doldrums set in. The players feel ready for the season to start and are itching to get into some games that actually count in the standings.
During the Mets' 15-9 loss to the Marlins at First Data Field on Wednesday, Mets outfielder Curtis Grandersonshowed he was ready for Opening Day. Coming to bat in the bottom of the first against Scott Copeland, Granderson went down and scooped the ball out of the park. All the way out of the park. The ball bounced over the berm in right field and eventually came to rest in the woods: 

While Spring Training winds are known for helping home runs, this wasn't exactly the case: It was going from right to left during the game. 
Granderson would go on to add another in the game, but it wasn't enough. Fortunately for the Mets, this one did happen in Spring Training.