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Eric Stonestreet passionately defends having two favorite baseball teams on 'The Late Show'

The baseball season is long, and your favorite team doesn't play every night. But you love baseball, right? That means there shouldn't be any problem with -- hear us out -- having a second-favorite team.
We know, we know - no one wants to feel like they're betraying their fandom. But Eric Stonestreet, who appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, has two favorite teams and he makes that work just fine. Watch the clip below to learn how he balances his nearly equal love for the Royals and the Dodgers. Baseball chat starts at about 1:45. 

Are you inspired? Do you want a second favorite team of your own now? Here are five of our suggestions for clubs that might deserve the key to the spare room in your heart. But the choices for second favorite are limited only by your imagination ... well, that and the fact that there are really only 29 options. 
And when people ask you how you can possibly cheer for two teams, just take after Stonestreet and say, "I choose to be a fan of baseball." Then, also like Stonestreet, yell, "LEAVE ME ALONE" and block them on Twitter.