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Let Francisco Cervelli improve your love life with his patented romantic tips

Finding true love is hard. Why else would there be so many services, apps and psychics offering their aid? Well, you can forget all of those. There's only one voice you need to guide your heart, and that's Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli.
The catcher with the glove and heart of gold already comes to the plate to Dean Martin's "That's Amore," so of course it makes sense that the team has broadcasts his dating advice between innings on the scoreboard. So if you've ever been wondering what to do when on a date with someone who won't get off their phone, well, let Cervelli be your guide in the video above. Then, head out to a Pirates game and watch the scoreboard for more. 
And when you find true love thanks to the Pirates' catcher, be sure to send him an invite to the nuptials.