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Gerrit Cole brought Francisco Cervelli oxygen after he raced around for a triple

Catchers are sturdy creatures. They are good at squatting for long periods, while covered in heavy gear. They accept foul balls that bounce off any part of their body and shrug them off as if they were flies hitting the windshield. 
What they are not great at is legging out triples. Except, every now and then, it happens. Francisco Cervelli pulled one off in the third inning of Friday night's game against the Rockies. After Charlie Blackmon just couldn't reach his line drive to center field, the race was on: 

Fortunately for Cervelli, his teammates were ready to look after him after he huffed and puffed around the bases. While he caught his breath, Gerrit Cole went and grabbed the oxygen machine: 

Hey, what are battery mates for?