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Jake Arrieta hit a two-run homer that might still be orbiting the Earth

When you're a pitcher, getting a lead is something you usually rely on your teammates to do. It's usually what Jake Arrieta does, too -- after all, it's not like the Cubs lineup is lacking pop. But during Sunday's 7-3 victory over the D-backs, Arrieta realized that, just like building a desk or cooking a nice dinner, sometimes it just feels better when you do it for yourself. During the second inning, he took a Shelby Miller fastball into deep space:

You think we're exaggerating? Arrieta's two-run shot had an exit speed of 105 mph, and it went 440 feet, which is good for fourth-longest on the Statcast™ leaderboard. Sure, it might just be the second Sunday of the season, but we're predicting Arrieta will find a way to keep the longest homer of the year title in Chicago.