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Go behind the scenes to watch Jake Marisnick try on suits and look like an alien while warming up

Thanks to Snapchat Day, baseball fans got never-before-seen access to the players and goings on at Spring Training. Which meant fans not only got a peek at the view from the dugout or the early morning activities of ballplayers, but they also got to watch the players get suited up. Like when Jake Marisnick went all GQ and was fitted for a suit. 
Sadly, he's not going with the crushed velvet look -- probably just because it's too hot for a Houston summer. 

We even got to see the, umm, stretching rituals of baseball players. At least, I think that's what we're looking at. I'm not 100 percent sure as to what's going on here considering that the only stretching I know of is limited to lifting my leg 45 degrees, screaming, and falling down. 

Honestly, Marisnick may just be preparing for his future career as a bird drinking water toy.