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Once you hear Jon Lovitz call Dexter Fowler's pop fly, you will never unhear it

Jon Lovitz has a voice that sears itself into the deep recesses of your brain. There are a few things I can only imagine him saying: The word "donuts," for example, or:

Joining the broadcast booth during the Cubs' 2-1 win over the Giants on Friday, he added another. Prepare to never hear "That's a high fly ball!" in anyone else's voice ever again:

Yep. He officially owns that call. 
Lovitz has made a tradition out of joining the broadcasters at Wrigley Field for the seventh inning once a year, helping them call the game and occasionally coining his own baseball lingo. Watch his appearance on Friday below to hear him explain what it was like to meet Ernie Banks, and why he totally needed two chances at throwing out the first pitch: