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Not even a flip over the railing could keep one heroic Pirates fan from reeling in a souvenir

On Wednesday afternoon, Logan Morrison looked into the eyes of the Dodger Stadium barricade and declared, "You will not keep me from making this catch." He dove, he flipped, he tumbled -- but in the end, he held on to the ball.

Just a few hours later and a couple thousand miles away, one Pirates fan was so moved by Morrison's example that he refused to let some pesky railing come between him and a souvenir. Armed with a glove and a complete disregard for his own health, he leapt:

Yes, he made the catch, and yes, he was OK -- although we certainly can't recommend putting yourself in danger for a foul ball. The Pirates went on to beat the Mariners, 10-1, presumably because the fan above was immediately installed in right field and hit four home runs.