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Rice pitcher tries and fails to pick off a runner with a hidden ball trick

Like quicksand or a door that opens only when someone says, "Open Sesame," the hidden ball trick seems more like a legend than an actual thing that ever happens. But hidden ball tricks are real, and they've been pulled off countless times. Bill Deane, who was the Senior Research Associate at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, even wrote a book on it
Sadly, Rice pitcher Blake Fox won't be joining the great pantheon despite his best efforts. While wiping his brow as he stood on the mound against Louisville-Lafayette, Fox hid the ball behind his glove before dropping the mitt and throwing the ball to first to try and catch Ragin' Cajuns shortstop Joe Robbins off guard. 

Sadly, he didn't manage to do it, though he did do enough to fool both the camera crew and broadcast team who were unaware of the smooth magic he was pulling off. 
Best of luck next time.