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Let's watch Corey and Kyle Seager express their sibling rivalry through R.B.I. Baseball 16

Corey and Kyle Seager are professional baseball players and brothers, so you can probably imagine that they get pretty competitive. But, since Corey plays for the Dodgers and Kyle plays for the Mariners, they won't get a chance to try to outdo each other on an actual baseball diamond this season.
Luckily, they have R.B.I. Baseball 16. Watch the video above for an ultimate sibling showdown. Oh, and we're not saying you have to root for younger brother Corey, but today is his 22nd birthday, so you probably should.  
Oh, but heads up, Seager brothers: R.B.I. 16 stats don't count in real life. We only make note of that because Kyle Seager recently hit his 100th career home run, and we think that he and Corey might be going for the "most career homers by a pair of brothers" record. That, in case you were wondering, is held by the Aarons, who have 768 between them. It definitely helps when you're related to Hammerin' Hank, that's all we're saying. 
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