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Watch Steven Souza Jr. fan Oswaldo Arcia like he's the pharaoh of the Rays' dugout

Denver is a weird place. A nightmare horse guards its airport, water boils at a lower temperature and the sky is actually prettier than in other parts of the country. That's because the air itself is thinner and dryer, due to Denver's elevation. There's less water vapor (making for a bluer sky) and less oxygen, which means that if you happen to run, say, 270 feet very quickly, you might need to catch your breath.
That's what happened to Oswaldo Arcía during the Rays' 10-1 victory over the Rockies on Tuesday. After he scored from first on a Logan Forsythe double, he made use of the very convenient oxygen tank in the visitor's dugout. Oh, and Steven Souza Jr. became his personal attendant, fanning him with a towel like he was the new pharaoh of Colorado:

All hail Oswaldo Arcia, conqueror of the Mile High City.