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The Phanatic's veteran presence was on display in dance-off against the Sixers' rookie mascot

Rookies bring a tremendous amount of energy and passion to the field. It's fun and it's exciting, but it carries the risk of looking frantic next to suave, practiced veterans. On Friday night, the Philies lost, 5-1, to the Mets, but that didn't stop their most seasoned veteran from securing his own victory against a bold youngster.
In honor of Sixers Night at Citizens Bank Park, Sixers mascot Franklin the Dog challenged the legendary Phillie Phanatic to a dance-off. Franklin debuted a mere year-and-a-half ago, while the Phanatic is currently wrapping up his 39th season with the Phillies. The energy displayed by Franklin was infectious, but it was ultimately no match for the decades the Phanatic has spent refining his iconic dance moves.

Franklin may be a promising young prospect, but there is still a thing or two he can learn from the grizzled vet working just next door.