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Jeff Francoeur made his broadcasting debut, and his co-hosts jokingly gave him a solid 'B-plus'

Former outfielder Jeff Francoeur traded in his on-the-field talents for a microphone and ear piece after announcing his retirement in May, paving the way for a new career as an analyst for Fox Sports Southeast.
His rookie on-camera debut took place Monday night, and it went as expected. The 12-year veteran (including a four-year stint with the Atlanta Braves) sat with field reporter Kelsey Wingert for a post-broadcast notes session. The team's broadcast booth gave Frenchy a "B-plus" for his efforts, which included smashing some prime rib and a hot dog prior to going on set.
The Braves fell to the Phillies 11-4, but Francoeur seems to be a natural and having a great time.