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Just like old times, Vin Scully returned to Dodger Stadium and delivered his classic phrases

When Vin Scully signed off from the booth at AT&T Park on Oct. 2 of last year, he did so for the last time -- opting to ride off into the glorious sunset and retire after 67 years behind the microphone for the Dodgers.
Scully's retirement meant anybody who's grown accustomed to hearing his iconic voice and style over the years would have to cling to those memories of his classic phrases. You know the ones. "Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant [enter day] evening to you, wherever you may be," as well as "It's tiiiiime for Dodger baseball!"

Well, before their 4-1 loss to the Giants on Wednesday the Dodgers toasted Scully with a lavish and very well-deserved pregame ceremony that saw them enshrine him to the stadium's Ring of Honor:

And Vin, ever the showman and ever the appreciative, humble soul that he is, took the microphone and expressed how thankful he was for the attention:

Scully also rewarded everybody watching with some warm stories, anecdotes, wit and, of course, the phrases.
After the ceremony was finished, he issued his clasic send-off one more time:

No, we're not crying. You're crying. OK, we're all crying. And isn't it fun to imagine witnessing this dugout chat between Vin and Clayton Kershaw?