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It's time to vote for your favorite plays from the Wild Card and Division Series games

October baseball is in full swing (badum-chh), and most of us have barely slept. Postseason baseball is just too exciting! We're already down to the final four, but before the Championship Series take off, let's take some time to pick our favorite plays from the Wild Card and Division Series games. Get amped. Bill Murray is.

Best offensive play
Chase Utley forces a Game 5, Javier Báez seals the NLDS for the Cubs, an unlikely hero emerges in the NL Wild Card Game and an extremely likely hero returns in its AL counterpart.

Best defensive play
Curtis Granderson leaps, Joc Pederson lays out, Albert Almora Jr. dives and Josh Donaldson charges forth.

Best pitching performance
The legend of Madison Bumgarner grows, Jon Lester pitches a shutout, Corey Kluber freezes the Red Sox and Clayton Kershaw records the save -- yes, the save.