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Watch Bartolo Colon power slam some ropes at his academy in the Dominican Republic

(Drew Hallowell)

Outside of Bartolo Colon's academy in the Dominican Republic stands a Colon statue, a bronzed figure of command, control and effortless power standing tall and proud. 
On Tuesday, Colon showed off how he got that statue, by absolutely going to town on some ropes. Just watch as the Mets pitcher shreds these bad boys. Feel free to make this your desktop background, getting endless motivation as it loops until the end of time and/or your hard drive. 
As's Jesse Sanchez captured:

While we often enjoy Colon for his physique closely resembling our own bodies, it's moments like this that you're forced to remember: Oh yeah, this dude is jacked
Now we just have to hope that we get some video of him in the cages this winter. After all, we're banking on a dinger next year