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Don Orsillo and the Padres broadcast team had too much fun during Hunter Renfroe's at-bat

Some of the big entertainment came on Monday night when the D-backs fell to the Padres, 4-2, but it was in the broadcast booth where this took place. Don Orsillo never leaves us without a laugh and such was the case after Hunter Renfroe was hit by a pitch.
In the bottom of the fourth with the no outs, Patrick Corbin hit Renfroe on the back of his right knee. As he ran to first, the booth wanted to test out how this would feel if Orsillo were to get hit by a pitch in the exact same spot. And, well …

Mark Sweeney and Mark Grant were there to give him a loveble tap on his knee and he can confirm what these guys go through can cause some pain. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the making of this video -- we don't think.