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Watch snowboarders and skiers go down a 140-foot high ramp inside Fenway Park

You have entered an alternate dimension, one where soda sprays from drinking fountains and parkour has replaced the car as humanity's preferred means of travel. It is a more Xtreme dimension.
It is a dimension where, in the depths of winter, a giant 140-foot high ski/snowboard ramp has been erected inside Fenway Park.

Indeed, this is reality. The home of the Red Sox is hosting a Polartec Big Air event -- a skiing and snowboarding competition that will be featured in the Winter Olympics for the first time in 2018 -- on Thursday and Friday. So, while the baseball team usually found inside the ballpark packs up and heads south, you have these housesitters:

You know, a ramp taller than the lights on the Green Monster would probably come in handy when robbing home runs -- if you could run up it fast enough.

Another way to think about how tall the ramp is: You can see the snowboarders from the Massachusetts Turnpike. 

Still, we're not positive that it's higher than last year's snow accumulation. But it's probably pretty close.