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John McEnroe's first pitch for the Mets was a no-doubt heater

Monday was the first game of the 2016 Subway Series, and so the Mets asked none other than tennis great and Queens native John McEnroe to throw out the first pitch and make an intimidating statement in front of their cross-town rivals. That might be a lot of pressure, perhaps too much, for some individuals. But not McEnroe. 
His first pitch was a no-doubt heater. If you watch the above video carefully, you can practically see a trail of smoke coming off the ball.
Unfortunately, the Mets dropped the game to the Yankees, 6-5. But the U.S. Open is coming up at the end of August, and McEnroe will be spending a lot of time at the tournament -- which is right next door to Citi Field. You know, just in case the Mets need any spot relief pitching, they know who to call. After all, it's clear McEnroe can change speeds.