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Johnny Cueto's kids are not only aware of their dad's shimmy, but they showed it off as well

Before the Giants hosted the Padres on Saturday, Johnny Cueto could be seen warming up on the field with others wearing Giants uniforms. These two sporting the orange and black weren't his teammates though, they were his sons, Johnny Cueto Jr. and Joande Cueto -- both wearing uniforms with their dad's name across the back.
Taking in a few moments before the game was extra special to Cueto, who never had the opportunity to do that with his father. The three went for a jog on the field, the kids played some catch, drew in the dirt, and even spent a few minutes relaxing on the infield tarp.

To add to the coolness, Amy Gutierrez of NBC Sports Bay Area asked Cueto if the kids were not only aware of the famous "Cueto shimmy," but were able to mimic it. And the answer was "absolutely, they can."

It looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.