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Southpaw walked the bride down the aisle then busted a move at a White Sox fan's wedding

A wedding is generally considered the happiest day of a bride and groom's lives. All their family and friends are there, there's lots of dancing, a giant cake -- and all that stuff about eternal love, too, I suppose. Really, the only way to make a wedding happier is to add a … professional MLB mascot.
Enter Southpaw.

Yes, that is the White Sox mascot walking a bride down the aisle at her wedding, and then surprising the groom with a bear (monster?) hug.
And yes, this is Southpaw dancing his way back down the aisle the other way, pumping up the crowd:

Like we said, nuptials = happy. Nuptials with Southpaw = happiest. The only question: Did he get a plus-one?