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Watch submariner Kazuhisa Makita strike out Lucas Duda with a Bugs Bunny slow pitch

Most of the universe knows that Shohei Ohtani is coming to Major League Baseball next season. The decision as to which team he'll join should come within the next few weeks -- the Yankees, Red Sox and Grinch who stole Christmas have already been ruled out.

But let's forget about Ohtani for a minute and focus on another Japanese star that will be posted this offseason: 80-mph throwing, submarine-dipping, right-hander Kazuhisa Makita. What he lacks in the 100-mph fastballs Ohtani throws, he makes up for with magical deception. Seriously, look at this mound-scraping strikeout against Lucas Duda during a 2014 tour of Japan. It just gets slower and more beautiful as it approaches the plate. We're surprised Duda didn't cry and quit baseball after the at-bat.

Makita has compiled a 10-4 record and 1.91 ERA for the NPB's Seibu Lions over the last two seasons. He's a little bit older at 33 years old, but when you don't have to rely on speed, you can pitch until you're 50. Here's a fairly accurate depiction of what opposing batters might look like against him in 2018.