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The White Sox celebrated Yoan Moncada's first career home run by giving the silent treatment

The baseball world has been patiently waiting for Yoán Moncada to hit his first Major League career home run. Well, there is no longer any anticipation, because the 22-year-old accomplished that feat on Wednesday night.'s No.1 overall prospect slammed a solo home run against the Cubs in front of the home crowd, and in rookie form, the rest of the team gave him the silent treatment.
As he rounded the bases and ran back into the dugout, none of his teammates were there to greet him with any type of celebration -- not a hug, not a handshake, nothing. Not a big deal right? It's just your first Major League home run. 
Don't worry, Moncada made do by high-fiving … the air.

It's all in good fun however. Welcome to the show, rookie.