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Watch White Sox prospect Carson Fulmer show off his amazing fungo golf skills

The guys behind Cespedes Family BBQ have embarked on a cross-country road trip to see as many Top-100 MLB prospects as possible.You can find an introduction to the trip and their full schedule by clicking here
It's not every day that you have the opportunity to compete against a professional athlete in any semblance of athletic competition. On Saturday, we seized this rare opportunity by challenging No.1 White Sox prospect, right-handed pitcher Carson Fulmer, to a game of fungo golf. 
We knew Fulmer had a little experience with this "sport" (basically golf where you try to get a baseball to land in the "hole" while using a fungo bat) from his days at Vanderbilt University. But he hasn't had a single plate appearance since high school -- we were hoping that his lack of experience swinging a bat would bring him down somewhat closer to our level. We were horribly wrong.

Zero professional or collegiate plate appearances, zero problem for Mr. Fulmer. One of the underrated things about pro ballplayers is that most of them were both the best hitter and pitcher on their high school teams. And as evidenced by the recent #PitchersWhoRake movement headlined by Madison Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta , pitchers are always eager to show what they're capable of with a bat in their hands. Check out our fierce competition with Fulmer in the full clip above.