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White Sox turned second triple play of the year, could be good for one per month

Last month, the White Sox turned a triple play. And not just any old triple play, but one of the 9-3-2-6-2-5 variety. The first of its kind in baseball history:

You may have figured, "Welp, that's pretty good for one year. They probably won't turn another this year. They shouldn't even try."
But the White Sox were not done. During the eighth inning of their game against the Astros on Wednesday, they turned one of the 5-4-3 ilk:

It's the first time since 2007 that a team has turned two in one year and the first time since 1978 that a team has turned two triple plays in the first two months of the season. That isn't to say we're not expecting another next month and one every 30 days from the White Sox until the end of time.