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Can you name the longest tenured player on every Major League team? 

When a baseball player sticks with one team, something special happens. In a way, the player becomes an avatar not just for the team, but for the entire city. Tony Gwynn will forever be associated with San Diego the way Cal Ripken Jr. and the Orioles will forever be connected.

But that's rare. After all, who doesn't want to travel around and see the world and take that fancy new job across the country?

So, can you figure out and name the player who has been with their team the longest? And a quick note before you dive into this list, we're starting with their debut on the Major League team and not since they've been with the organization. We're also looking for an unbroken streak with their club. So a player like Brian McCann, who returned to the Braves this season, doesn't count. Good luck.