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Let's decide who will win the Super Bowl based on quarterback first pitches

There are a lot of ways to predict who will win the Super Bowl. You can rely on history (the Patriots have won four times and the Falcons have won … no times). You can get a little more scientific about it and count on probability. You know what? Think outside the box and ask a psychic.
Or, if none of those options appeal to you, we have another suggestion. The quarterbacks for both teams have thrown out first pitches, so why not predict who will win the Super Bowl based on which one is better? Let's look at Tom Brady's first.

Brady threw this first pitch to David Ortiz in April 2015, after the Pats won their fourth and most recent Super Bowl title. While it's undoubtedly cool that he got to take the field to a hype video of his own highlights and get called one of the "greatest sports heroes we have ever known," his pitch is … well, is "cool" the word?

Here's your annual reminder that Brady was drafted by the Expos.
Onto Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan!

Ryan threw this pitch at Turner Field in June 2010. Now, Ryan was never drafted by any Major League baseball team, and he has yet to win a Super Bowl. But was his pitch better?

You tell us: Based on first pitches from their most esteemed representatives ...