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Chinese Taipei pitcher Chen-Hua Lin fields bunt, throws ball to no one in particular

A lot goes into fielding a bunt. As infielders are drawn in expecting a slow roller, their teammates have to rotate over and cover for them. There are a lot of moving parts, and it requires precise timing and communication -- the entire defense moving on a string. 
In the midst of all that commotion, it's important to remember the cardinal rule: Before you throw to a base, always make sure someone's standing there first. If you don't believe us, just ask Chinese Taipei pitcher Chen-Hua Lin:

In the seventh inning of his team's 15-7 win, Israel shortstop Scott Burcham laid down a bunt with the bases loaded and one out. Lin pounced off the mound and, sensing that he wouldn't be able to get the runner coming home from third, immediately turned and threw to first -- only to discover that his first baseman was nowhere to be found. 
Or, hey, maybe he just wanted to join Jon Gray for a game of ghost baseball.