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Yankees fans helped Derek Jeter say thank you to New York

(Rich Schultz)

On Sunday night, the Yankees will add one more number to Monument Park, as Derek Jeter's No. 2 will be retired. The former captain will be on hand to mark the occasion, but in advance of the festivities, he took a moment to show his appreciation to New York City for its help in making all those memories possible.
Jeter published a letter on The Players' Tribune thanking New York, and to drive the point home, he enlisted the assistance of several Yankees fans. Jeter and his guests narrated the post, which told the story of how the city helped change him from a "quiet" and "unsure" rookie to a Yankees icon.

"Thank you, New York, for asking a lot of me," Jeter wrote. "For challenging me. For giving this kid a place to grow up. I wasn't born a New Yorker - you asked me to earn it. I wasn't born a Yankee, but you made me into one."
Jeter's had more than his share of memorable moments (and you can vote for your favorite one here) to thrill those fans -- it's been a long time since he first set foot at Yankee Stadium as a player in 1995. He was a highly touted prospect, but it's still hard to believe how much has changed from his first hit in New York ...

... to his last.