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The Yankees bent the knee for Ronald Torreyes after his 4-hit game on Wednesday

Ronald Torreyes is far from the first Yankee to jump to people's minds when thinking about the current squad. His teammates, however, think a great deal of Torreyes, and they have been ecstatic to have a helpful utility player like him on the roster.
Torreyes' versatility has been an asset over the past month with All-Star second baseman Starlin Castro recovering from injury. He's hit .313 over 21 games in August, and, during Wednesday night's 10-2 win over the Tigers, he tied a career-high by going 4-for-4.
So, it was only fitting that after Torreyes' big night, the Yankees paid tribute to their diminutive friend in the clubhouse by all kneeling before him:

Hey, if Aragorn can do this honor for Frodo Baggins and company, you can bet that even Aaron Judge will do it, too.

Torreyes is just the kind of all-around contributor a playoff contender needs, and the Yankees are happy to have him.
The respect is mutual: