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Yasiel Puig calmly fired off his hardest throw of the season to nab Kole Calhoun at third base

For a few years now, Yasiel Puig has established himself as one of those outfielders you just don't want to test. Should you feel motivated to take a risk on the basepaths and try to advance that one extra base, good luck. He's made more than a few runners regret that decision, and he did it again inthe Dodgers' 4-0 loss to the Angels on Monday night.
In the eighth, Albert Pujols cracked a single to right field and toward Puig. Kole Calhoun, eager to help the Angels pad their 3-0 lead, hustled in the direction of third base, but Puig uncorked a 96.3-mph throw right into the waiting glove of Justin Turner to nab Calhoun with ease:

This was the hardest throw Puig's made to date this season, per Statcast:

Just another day at the office for Yasiel.