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If Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes' BP is any indication, the Mets are extremely in sync

Spring Training is all about finding your rhythm as a team. You want everyone on the same page heading into Opening Day, working together and reacting to each other almost instinctively. You want everyone synced up.  
Well, it appears the Mets are really in sync-- so much so that Yoenis Cespedes' swing now looks exactly like Curtis Granderson's.   

Cespedes demonstrated his Granderson-approved mimicry skills during batting practice on Friday, and now we all just have to wait to see him bust out his impression during a game.
Which, you know, could happen. Because either the Mets are really tuned into each other, or this is some new team policy to have all of their outfielders run, field, swing and generally do everything exactly the same. We'll let you know if Michael Conforto starts driving three-wheeled motorcycles to camp.