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Kid with entire right arm in a cast overcomes odds, catches homer on the fly

There's a contingent of baseball fans that says you should never leave a game early -- even if your team is losing big, and even if one of your arms is in a cast(!). At least, that should be the full saying. 
Though the Padres lost to the Rockies, 10-3, on Sunday night at Petco Park, one young fan in left field showed why it's a good idea to stick around to the end, unless you have any other urgent prior commitments. 
In the bottom of the ninth, Padres third baseman Brett Wallace smacked an opposite-field homer … where said fan caught the ball even though his entire right arm was immobilized by a cast. As anybody would, he seemed rather shocked by it all once the ball was firmly in his glove. 

That's right, he caught the ball with his gloved left hand despite not having any range of motion with his other upper appendage. That's … unexpected, and pretty impressive.