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Pint-sized Pirates fan has an adorable time trying to eat his ice cream

Monday brought with it the official start of summer. Some locales experienced scorching, can't-really-go-outside weather as the sun began its season of reminding us all who's the real boss.
As anybody who's tried eating ice cream knows, it doesn't agree with warm weather. In fact, the two are so diametrically opposed that the sugary delight can melt and make a total mess at any time.
For one young Pirates fan in attendance at Monday's 1-0 win over the Giants, that scenario played out in adorable fashion. Maybe he was being too ambitious, lifting up that spoon as far as he did ... but no matter why this happened, the little warrior kept at it. After all, ice cream still tastes great even after shifting from its original state into a goo:

Never give up, little man.