Inspired by the success and simplicity of the Home Run Derby, the day before the MLB All-Star Game, Home Run Derby X is a Home Run Derby with defense. It has been designed to engage existing fans and attract new fans, creating high-energy live event experiences.

Major League Baseball is committed to the long-term development of Home Run Derby X, with plans to continue to expand the program to reach more communities in the US and internationally.

MLB Home Run Derby X is an exciting new baseball format. A 3-on-3 co-ed competition built on power hitting and defensive hustle.

Each event features four teams. Each team features an MLB legend, a pro female player, and a local qualifier. Two semi-finals. One final. Non-stop action. In 2024, Home Run Derby X will be in Fort Wayne, Albuquerque, Nashville, and Durham.

Home Run Derby X is a derby with defense. The rules are simple. A single game takes about 30 minutes. 3 players per team. Each player gets 1 at-bat of 2 ½ minutes. During an at bat the opposing team is in the outfield to catch the ball. Teams earn offensive points for home runs and defensive points for catches. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Bonus points are earned by hitting home runs through a centerfield target. During each at bat, batters can call for a hot streak of 5 swings where everything counts double. In the final minute of an at bat, batters can tag in a teammate to finish with a flourish.