What is Home Run Derby X?
Home Run Derby X is an electrifying new baseball format that takes MLB on a global tour. Home Runs and epic catches steal the show, while live music and ballpark culture push it to the next level.

How is Home Run Derby X different from regular baseball?
In Home Run Derby X, the field of play is smaller, with teams going head-to-head and points up for grabs on both offense and defense. Each batter has one at-bat of 25 pitches. They’ll be swinging for the fences, while two of their opponents patrol the outfield. A Home Run scores one point for the offense and a catch is one point for the defense.

In Home Run Derby X there are additional ways to score - Target Hits in the infield, and beyond the fence, can earn extra points for the batters. Each batter also has a Hot Streak – five consecutive pitches where Home Runs and Target Hits count double but a catch in the Hot Streak is also double points for the defense.

How is it different to All Star Home Run Derby?
Home Run Derby X is a team game, rather than an individual competition. There are 5 players per team, made up of four batters and one pitcher. Home Run Derby X is about offense and defense. Batters can score points via Home Runs and Target Hits but Fielders can also score points for their team if they catch a ball in the catch zone. The Hot Streak will allow for double points for both the offense and defense.

Will Home Run Derby X be on every year?
Major League Baseball is committed to the long-term development of Home Run Derby X. This is a multi-year initiative with plans for future expansion.

Which Clubs will be involved?
Home Run Derby X will have 4 teams who each represent 4 iconic Major League Baseball Clubs; Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers & New York Yankees.

How many people are on a team?
At each event, a team will have 5 players; MLB Legend, Superstar, Rookie, Wild Card and Pitcher.

Who will be playing?
Teams will consist of MLB Legends, Superstars, Rookies, Wild Cards and Pitchers.

  • MLB Legends are former MLB players, and will be the star hitters on the team.
  • Superstars are the best talent from women’s baseball and softball.
  • Rookies are the most exciting local talent drawn from the men’s baseball development system.
  • Wild Cards are high-profile content creators trained up by MLB and can be male or female.

Pitchers will put the ball in the right spot every time and will be on the same team as their Batters. Full details of the teams will be revealed before each event.

Will the same players be part of every Home Run Derby X event?
The teams will remain fixed unless scheduling, injury or illness dictate otherwise.

What experience do the Rookies have?
Rookies are male players drawn from the baseball development system. Home Run Derby X gives MLB the opportunity to highlight talent in international markets, providing a platform for local talent to showcase their skills.

What training will the Wild Cards do ahead of Home Run Derby X?
MLB have developed an intensive, elite training program to take each Wild Card from baseball novice to big hitter. Each Wild Card has been assigned a personal baseball coach who will work with them throughout the Home Run Derby X tour. They are receiving mentoring from the Legends and will also attend a Home Run Derby X training camp.

Who are the Legends participating in Home Run Derby X 2022?
Jonny Gomes will be representing the Boston Red Sox.
Geovany Soto will be representing the Chicago Cubs.
Adrián González will be representing the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Nick Swisher will be representing the New York Yankees.

Who are the Superstars participating in Home Run Derby X 2022?
Paige Halstead (Team USA Softball) will be representing the Boston Red Sox.
Alex Hugo (Team USA Baseball and Softball) will be representing the Chicago Cubs.
Ashton Lansdell (Team USA Baseball) will be representing the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Erika Piancastelli (Team Italy Softball) and Stefania Aradillas (Team Mexico Softball) will be representing the New York Yankees.

Who are the Wild Cards participating in Home Run Derby X 2022?
Liv Cooke (British freestyle footballer) will be representing the Boston Red Sox.
Spencer Owen (British football broadcaster and content creator) will be representing the Chicago Cubs.
Yoongy Kwak (Korean Short Track Speed Skater) will be representing the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Daniel Corral (Mexican Gymnast) will be representing the New York Yankees.

How do you score a Home Run?
A Home Run is when a fair ball travels beyond the Outfield Fence without bouncing. It scores 1 point for the batting team.

Can you score points in any other way?
Yes, players can also score points from Target Hits or Catches. There are 4 Targets in the field of play; 2 infield and 2 beyond the outfield fence. When hit by the Batting team, they earn 1 point. In the case of the outfield fence targets, this would result in 2 points; 1 point for a target and 1 point for a Home Run. When a fielder catches a fly ball in the Catch Zone, they score 1 Point for their team.

What is a Hot Streak?
Any time during their at-bat, the hitter may call for their Hot Streak: five consecutive pitches where the outcome of the play scores double points. This can also mean double points for the defense if they make a successful catch within the catch zone.

What is a Target Hit?
A Target Hit is when a batter hits a Target without the ball bouncing. A successful Target Hit scores 1 point for the batter’s team.

Is Home Run Derby X played on a regular baseball field?
The Field of Play is a reduced version of a baseball field, with Home Plate mounted on a stage and the Pitcher’s Mound on a podium.

How is a game decided?
After all four batters have completed their at-bats for both teams, the winner is the team with the most points.

What happens if there is a tied game?
Each team selects one batter to participate in a 10 pitch swing-off to determine the winner. In the Tiebreaker, only Home Runs can score points - no points are on offer for outfield catches or target hits.

How many Home Run Derby X games are there at each event?
The four teams will compete in a total of four Home Run Derby X games at each event.

Two Preliminary Round games will decide the teams that compete in the Final and 3rd Place Play Off. Each event will have a winning team, with the Home Run Derby X Tour Champions crowned at the end of the tour.

Where will Home Run Derby X take place?
In 2022, Home Run Derby X will take place in London, Seoul and Mexico City.

In London, Home Run Derby X will take place at Crystal Palace Park on July 9. Venues for Seoul and Mexico City will be announced in due course

Is there a final? Or an ultimate winner? Yes - based on where they rank at each event, teams will be awarded points which will determine their position on the Home Run Derby X Tour leaderboard. The leaderboard will determine seedings for the final event of the Tour which will be played as a knock-out competition to determine the Home Run Derby X Tour Champion.

What else will be at the events?
Home Run Derby X is a full-day festival experience. The Home Run Derby X competition is at the heart and it will be surrounded by other activities. There will be digital and physical baseball activations, ballpark-inspired food and drink, live music and DJs. Full details will be announced closer to each event.

Will there be food?
Yes, at each event you will find ballpark-inspired food and drink.

Will there be music?
Yes, at each Home Run Derby X event there will be DJs and headline music artists. More details will be announced soon.

What measures will be in place at events regarding COVID-19?
MLB will continue to monitor the COVID situation in all Home Run Derby X host cities and will be guided by local health authority rulings and MLB policy.

Where can I buy tickets?
Information about buying tickets for each Home Run Derby X event will be released in due course. Please register at mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX to be kept up-to-date and to hear the latest information.

How much is a ticket?
Information about buying tickets will be released in due course. Please register at mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX to be kept up-to-date and to hear the latest on tickets going on sale for each event.

Can I buy a full ‘tour’ ticket?
I.e. for all events?This is the first year of Home Run Derby X and if you would like to attend all events, you would need to purchase each ticket independently.

Where can I find out more?
All details about Home Run Derby X can be found at mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX. Follow @mlb for all the latest news.

If I can’t attend, is there another way to watch Home Run Derby X online or on TV?
Yes, Home Run Derby X events will be livestreamed and highlights will also be available to watch. More details will be announced soon.

Where can I find the links to the livestream?
and @mlb


How much do tickets cost?
Adult tickets cost £30 + £3 booking fee
Under 13 years (12 and below) cost £15.00 + £1.50 booking fee
Silver VIP packages cost £75 + £7.50 booking fee
Gold VIP packages cost £125 + £12.50 booking fee

For more information on each ticket type, please visit our tickets page.

Will there be any discounts or early bird offers?
There are no early bird offers or discounts for this event.

What does a ticket include?
A full day festival experience:

  • Watch four Home Run Derby X games across the day
  • Enjoy live headline music on the main stage
  • Feast on ballpark food and drink
  • Take a swing in the batting cages

Can I buy group tickets?_ Please contact [email protected] for queries regarding group tickets, quoting ‘HRDX Crystal Palace’ in the subject line._


What conditions apply to the Gold VIP Package?
To participate in the MLB Legend Meet & Greet, all Gold VIP ticket holders will be required to provide proof of completion of a full COVID-19 vaccination course using the NHS COVID pass on the NHS App or an internationally recognised equivalent to the NHS COVID Pass.


What time do gates open?
Gates will open at 12pm. Last Entry for this event is 5.30pm.

Who will the music acts be?
There will be music acts at each Home Run Derby X event. More details will be announced soon.

Who will provide the food?
Details of food providers in each city will be announced closer to the events.

What time of day is Home Run Derby X on?
Doors Open: 12pm
Last Entry: 5.30pm
Event ends: 9pm

What is the schedule for the day?
Full details of the running order for the event will be available closer to the event.

*Will re-entry be permitted into the venue if someone leaves? *
Re-entry is not usually permitted.

During the Event it will be at the discretion and/or that of the venue management.


How do I get there?

Please use public transport where possible.

Crystal Palace Station, Penge West, Penge East, Sydenham, Gipsy Hill and Anerley stations are all within 20 minutes with routes into London.

Keep up to date with the latest travel alerts by following:

Is there parking available onsite?

There is no public car parking at Home Run Derby X London, Crystal Palace. There will be road closures in place around the event so please use public transport where possible.

There are also no drop-off points and no pay and display bays available in this area.


Are there any age restrictions?
All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder aged 18 or over who must remain on-site throughout the Event as the under 16-year-old guardian. No unaccompanied under 16s are allowed on site.

We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18s on site.

Are there any prohibited items?

  • Aerosols over 250ml
  • Air horns
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except assistance dogs)
  • Audiovisual recording or transmitting equipment (Professional)
  • BBQs or any cooking apparatus
  • Balloons
  • Bicycles, scooters, roller skates
  • Blowtorches
  • Cans
  • Chairs, stools, floor seating, shooting sticks
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Cooking apparatus
  • Cool bags / boxes (large)
  • Cigarettes (more than for personal use)
  • Cutlery
  • Drinks (empty plastic bottles of any size are permitted)
  • Drones
  • Fireworks / pyrotechnics
  • Flags with poles
  • Flares / distress flares / smoke flares
  • Food (small amounts for personal consumption permitted)
  • Gazebos and parasols
  • Gas cylinders/canisters
  • Glass (including glass makeup and perfume bottles)
  • Liquids, gels or lotions (over 100ml)
  • Illegal substances (drugs)
  • Laser pens
  • Legal highs (includes Nitrus Oxide and associated equipment including balloons)
  • Nitrous oxide / herbal highs
  • Megaphones
  • Metal drinking bottles
  • Penknives
  • Perfume and make up (over 100ml)
  • Smoke bombs / canisters
  • Sound systems (including personal speakers)
  • Spray cans
  • Tabards/High Vis Jackets
  • Tables
  • Umbrellas (large, small/folding umbrellas permitted)
  • Weapons

Are there any bag restrictions?
Large bags are not permitted into the festival. There is no cloakroom or storage facilities for large bags.

Small bags are allowed into the festival with the dimensions W21cm x H30cm x D8cm (A4 Size).

Bags will be searched on entry to the event, to avoid lengthy queues we strongly advise that you do not bring a bag. We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the festival.

Bags must not be left at entrances or surrounding areas. Any items left will be removed and disposed of accordingly.

You will also be searched at the entrance to the event which may include a full-body pat-down and/or use of hand-held metal detectors. Any item(s), which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon, or which may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event, will be confiscated.

Please allow plenty of time to get into the event, for event entry procedures, ticket checks and searches.

Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the arena or other parts of the site may be searched at any time.

Can I bring food and drink to the venue?
Small amounts of Food for personal consumption are permitted.

You are not permitted to bring soft drinks or water into the festival. You are permitted to bring empty plastic bottles of any size to use at the refill points inside the festival. Metal bottles are not permitted.

My question isn’t listed here, who can I contact?For any further queries please contact [email protected] quoting ‘HRDX Crystal Palace’ in the subject line.



Access Applications for Home Run Derby X are now live. Please click on the button below to apply. To ensure we can plan for the correct level of facilities, we will be closing applications on Friday 24th June. After this date, we will not be accepting any more applications. To apply you will first need a ticket to Home Run Derby X plus supporting documentation. Please read below what documentation we require.

Click here to apply

Unless you are on the Access database it is mandatory to provide one of the following forms of supporting documentation with your completed access requirements form as evidence of your requirements/ disability and to grant a PA ticket. Please ensure you have one of the following:

  • DLA/PIP or equivalent
  • Medical professionals letter
  • D/deaf or blind registration
  • Nimbus Access Card

If you do not have the above evidence but feel you need assistance to access the festival, please contact us. Anyone turning up on the day without making prior arrangements may not be able to access our facilities. However, we will always try to accommodate any late requests.

If a customer is unable to attend the festival without support from a PA, then we will provide an additional PA ticket at no extra cost.

This ticket can only be approved by the Access Team.

Please do not buy a ticket for your PA as this will not be refunded if they are approved.

Please apply for your PA ticket using our access requirements application form.

The PA ticket is provided with the expectation that your PA is willing and able to assist you throughout your visit and would be available and able to help you in the event of an evacuation.


If you require further assistance or information that cannot be found on the website, please contact a member of the access team:

Post: Access Team Festival Republic, 30 St John Street, London, EC1M 4AY

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0207 009 3490 – This phone line can only deal with Disabled Access Customer enquiries.

Our phone lines are open from Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm. (If lines are busy please leave a message and we will get back to you.)


The event will take place at Crystal Palace and can be accessed by public transport, for more information please see our ‘How do I get there?’ FAQ.

There is no Blue Badge Parking inside the event, there is limited Blue Badge Parking available in areas around Crystal Palace, please check the relevant council pages for more information.


First, purchase a standard ticket for the days you wish to attend. Once you have purchased your ticket we ask you to complete and submit an Access Requirements application form which consists of questions regarding your requirements at the event. Along with this, we ask for supporting documentation for validation of your request.

Our Access Scheme allows you to apply for the following facilities:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Viewing Platform
  • PA (Personal Assistant) ticket at no extra charge
  • Accessible toilet facilities


To ensure that we have the correct level of accessible facilities we ask customers to apply for them in advance. We provide a number of facilities and services for our access customers, these include:

Our access customers will enter the Event via their own entrance here you will meet the Access team who will have a list of everything you booked before the event.

Wheelchair accessible unit featuring toilet with grab rail, an electric hoist, adult-sized changing bed, running water, large bin and hook. Please bring your own slings.

Wheelchair Accessible toilets will be situated at the viewing platforms, all toilet locations will be noted in the Access Guide. Our toilets cannot but used by the public.

Our platforms have wheelchair-accessible ramps, toilets and wheelchair charging points.

Viewing platforms have a very limited capacity and are strictly for Access Customers plus 1 PA only.

To book your place on the viewing platform you need to complete the Access Requirements form.



If you need to bring medication with you, please bring a doctor’s note or a prescription for it if it’s not easily recognisable. Please contact the access team should you need more advice or guidance. Medication can be stored in our medical tent.

Smoke machines, strobe lights, fireworks, pyrotechnics and other effects may be in use at this event. Anyone affected by these should bear this in mind.

Crowd Management Personnel are clearly identifiable by their numbered tabards/shirts. They are all issued with a staff handbook so should be able to answer most questions. They are briefed on all aspects of the event and are able to assist and give information.

In the instance of a site evacuation please ensure that your PA is aware that they are your main point of assistance in an emergency evacuation. Crowd management personnel located near the viewing platform will assist in moving everybody to a place of safety.

Please note that our access customer facilities cannot cater to people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, recent injuries and pregnant women. The facilities are for the specific use of access customers and we kindly ask that you please respect this.

Medical and welfare facilities are available to everyone.

There will be signed first aid points located across the festival site

Major League Baseball, Live Nation and Festival Republic want Home Run Derby X to be an event that is accessible for all. At all of our festivals and events, we work closely with the charity Attitude is Everything, which works to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music.

It is important that we are able to identify those people who genuinely need the access and facilities we provide and we are always faced with people trying to exploit this.

So that we can confirm that you need disabled access, we need to know how your disability may affect you while you are at Home Run Derby X and how we can help you.

Please do not buy a ticket for your PA as this will NOT be refunded if you are approved a PA ticket through our application process[1].

Supporting documents that we accept are:

  • DLA/PIP letter or equivalent – we do not accept Christmas bonus letters.
  • Letter from medical professional confirming your requirements stated on your registration form.
  • Blue Badge – this alone is not sufficient if applying for a PA ticket or Viewing Platform Access.
  • The Access Card or similar – you can include your card information under the Additional Notes section in your form.

Before we can review your request for disabled access, we need a copy of both your completed registration form and supporting documentation. We are unable to process your application until we receive your documentation.

Please feel free to cross out any details, such as reference numbers and financial amounts that are not directly relevant to your application. We will keep these documents secure, and once we have reviewed your application in full, we will securely destroy them.

Once you have sent the form please be patient in waiting to hear from us. If you have not heard from us within four weeks of sending in your application, please email us at the below address.

Once completed you can return it to us using either of the following methods:

Post: Access Team Festival Republic, 30 St John Street, London, EC1M 4AY

Fax: 0207 379 6886 (for the attention of Access Team)

Email: [email protected]

¿Qué es Home Run Derby X?
Home Run Derby X es un nuevo y electrizante formato de béisbol que llevará a MLB alrededor del mundo. Home Runs y atrapadas épicas se robarán el espectáculo, mientras que la música en vivo y la cultura pop nos llevarán al siguiente nivel.

¿Por qué Home Run Derby X es diferente a un juego de Béisbol?
En Home Run Derby X, el campo de juego será más pequeño, los equipos estarán cara a cara y se sumarán puntos por atrapadas tanto en ofensiva como en defensiva. Cada bateador tiene un turno al bate de 25 pitcheos. Ellos intentarán volarse la barda, mientras dos de sus oponentes cubren los jardines. Un Home Run es un punto para la ofensiva y una atrapada es un punto para la defensiva.

En Home Run Derby X hay más formas de conseguir puntos – Target Hits en el infield y más allá de los jardines, podrán dar puntos extra para los bateadores. Cada bateador también tiene un Hot Streak; 5 pitcheos consecutivos en donde los Home Runs y Target Hits contarán al doble, pero una atrapada en Hot Streak también dará dobles puntos a la defensiva.

¿Por qué es diferente al All-Star Home Run Derby?
Home Run Derby X es un juego en equipo y no una competencia individual. Hay 5 jugadores por equipo, conformado por cuatro bateadores y un pitcher. Home Run Derby X se trata de ofensiva y de defensiva. Lo bateadores pueden ganar puntos por Home Runs y Target Hits, pero los jardineros también podrán ganar puntos para su equipo si atrapan la pelota en la Catch Zone. El Hot Streak permitirá dobles puntos tanto para la ofensiva como para la defensiva.

¿Home Run Derby X será un evento anual?
Major League Baseball está comprometido a un desarrollo a largo plazo de Home Run Derby X. Es una iniciativa de varios años con planes a una expansión en el futuro.

¿Cuáles equipos estarán involucrados?
Home Run Derby X tendrá 4 equipos, cada uno representará 4 clubes icónicos de Major League Baseball; Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Ángeles Dodgers & New York Yankees.

¿Cuántas personas habrá por equipo?
En cada evento, un equipo de 5 jugadores; Leyenda de MLB, Superstar, Rookie, Wild Card y Pitcher.

¿Quién jugará?
Los equipos estarán conformados por Leyendas de MLB, Superstars, Rookies, Wild Cards y Pitchers.

  • Las Leyendas de MLB son ex-jugadores de MLB y serán los bateadores estrellas de del equipo.
  • Las Superstars son el mejor talento del Béisbol y Softball femenil.
  • Los Rookies son los mejores jóvenes prospectos del béisbol.
  • Los Wild Cards son influencers y creadores de contenido de alto perfil entrenados por MLB, podrán ser hombres o mujeres.

Los Pitchers pondrán la pelota en el lugar correcto en cada oportunidad y estarán en el mismo equipo que sus bateadores.

Los detalles completos de los equipos serán revelados antes de cada evento.

¿Todos los jugadores estarán en todos los eventos de Home Run Derby X?
Los equipos serán fijos a menos de que existan cuestiones de agenda, lesión o enfermedad.

¿Qué experiencia tienen los Rookies?
Los Rookies son jugadores que pertenecen al sistema de prospectos del béisbol. Home Run Derby X le da a MLB la oportunidad de destacar el talento en los mercados internacionales, ofreciendo una plataforma para que el talento local demuestre sus habilidades.

¿Que tipo de entrenamiento tendrán los Wild Cards antes de Home Run Derby X?MLB ha desarrollado un programa de entrenamiento intensivo y de élite para transformar a cada Wild Card de un novato del béisbol a un gran bateador.

A cada Wild Card le fue asignado un coach personal de béisbol quien trabajará con ellos a lo largo de todo el tour de Home Run Derby X. También reciben tutoría de las Leyendas y asistirán a un campamento de entrenamiento de Home Run Derby X.

¿Cómo se consigue un Home Run?
Un Home Run es cuando una pelota viaja más allá de la barda del jardín sin tocar el campo. Un Home Run da 1 punto para el equipo con el turno al bat.

¿Se puede anotar puntos de alguna otra forma?
Sí, los jugadores también pueden anotar puntos alcanzando los Target Hits o con atrapadas. Habrá 4 Targets en el campo de juego; 2 en el infield y 2 después de la barda del jardín.

Cuando haya un hit del equipo al bat, ellos ganan un punto. En el caso de los targets en el outfield esto les daría 2 puntos; 1 punto por target y un punto por Home Run. Cuando un jardinero atrape una pelota en la Catch Zone, ellos tendrán un punto para su equipo.

** ¿Qué es un Hot Streak?** En cualquier momento durante su turno al bat, el bateador puede pedir su Hot Streak; cinco pitcheos consecutivos en donde el resultado de la jugado les dará puntos al doble. Esto también podría significar puntos al doble para la defensa si logran una atrapada en la Catch Zone.

¿Qué es un Target Hit?
Un Target Hit es cuando el bateador conecta un hit al Target sin que la pelota toque el campo. Un Target Hit exitoso da 1 punto para el equipo del bateador.

¿Home Run Derby X se juega en un campo regular de béisbol?
El campo de juego será una versión reducida de un campo de béisbol, el Home Plate estará montado sobre un escenario y el montículo del Pitcher en un pódium.

¿Cómo se decide el juego?
Después de que los cuatro bateadores completaron sus turnos al bate para ambos equipos, el equipo ganador será aquel que haya acumulado más puntos.

¿Qué sucede si hay un empate?
Cada equipo seleccionará un bateador para participar en una ronda de bateo de 10 pitcheos para determinar al ganador. En el desempate sólo los Home Runs otorgarán puntos, no se otorgarán puntos por atrapadas en el outfield o Target Hits.

¿Cuántos juegos Home Run Derby X hay en cada evento?
Los cuatro equipos completarán un total de cuatro juegos Home Run Derby X en cada evento.

Dos rondas preliminares definirán los equipos que competirán en la Final y en el playoff para el tercer lugar.

Cada evento tendrá un equipo ganador, los Campeones del Home Run Derby X Tour serán coronados al final de éste.

¿En dónde se llevará a cabo Home Run Derby X?
En 2022, Home Run Derby X se llevará a cabo de Londres, Seúl y Ciudad de México.
● 9 de julio – Crystal Palace Park, LONDRES
● 17 de septiembre – Anuncio próximamente, SEÚL
● 15 de octubre – Anuncio próximamente, CIUDAD DE MEXICO

¿Habrá una final? ¿O un ganador supremo?
Sí – con base en que lugar queden posicionados en cada evento, los equipos ganarán puntos que determinarán su posición en la tabla de posiciones de Home Run Derby X. La tabla de posiciones determinará los enfrentamientos en el evento final del Tour, la cual se jugará en formato de knock-out para determinar a los campeones del Home Run Derby X Tour.

¿Qué más habrá en los eventos?
Home Run Derby X es un festival de un día lleno de experiencias. La competencia Home Run Derby X será el corazón del evento que estará rodeado de otras actividades. Activaciones de béisbol tanto digitales como físicas, comida y bebidas inspiradas en los estadios de béisbol, música en vivo y DJs. Los detalles completos serán anunciados antes de cada evento.

¿Habrá comida?
Sí, en el evento habrá comida y bebidas inspiradas en los estadios de béisbol.

¿Habrá música?
Sí, en cada evento de Home Run Derby X habrá DJs y artistas musicales de gran nivel. Más detalles serán anunciados pronto.

¿Qué medidas se seguirán en el lugar de los eventos con respecto a COVID-19?
MLB seguirá monitoreando la situación COVID en cada una de las ciudades en las que se llevará a cabo el evento y se seguirán las reglas de las autoridades locales y de las políticas de MLB.

¿En dónde puedo comprar los boletos?La información sobre en dónde comprar boletos para cada uno de los eventos Home Run Derby X será publicada a su debido tiempo. Por favor regístrate en mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX para mantenerte al tanto y obtener toda la información actualizada.

¿Cuánto cuestan los boletos?
La información sobre el costo de los boletos para cada uno de los eventos Home Run Derby X será publicada a su debido tiempo. Por favor regístrate en mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX para mantenerte al tanto y obtener toda la información actualizada.

¿Puedo comprar un solo boleto para todos los eventos?
Al ser este el primer año de Home Run Derby X, si quieres asistir a todos los eventos deberás comprar los boletos para cada uno de los eventos por separado.

¿En dónde puedo encontrar más información?
Todos los detalles de Home Run Derby X pueden encontrarse en mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX. Sigue @mlb para enterarte de las últimas noticias.

¿Si no puedo asistir, hay otra manera de ver Home Run Derby X en línea o por TV?
Sí, los eventos de Home Run Derby X serán transmitidos en vivo en streaming y los highlights también estarán disponibles. Más detalles serán anunciados pronto.

¿En dónde puedo encontrar los links del streaming en vivo?
mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX & @mlb

Home Run Derby X가 뭔가요?
Home Run Derby X 는 MLB를 세계 각국에 소개할 수 있는 새로운 방식의 야구 경기입니다. 홈런과 슈퍼세이브들이 관중을 사로잡고 라이브 음악과 MLB만의 야구 문화가 끊임없는 볼거리를 제공합니다.

Home Run Derby X가 일반 야구 경기와 다른 점은 무엇인가요?
우선 경기장이 일반 야구장보다는 작고 경기 중 공격 팀과 수비 팀이 동시에 점수를 낼 수 있다는 점이 가장 큰 차이점입니다. 공격 팀의 타자는 총 25개의 공격 기회를 가지게 되며, 수비 팀에서는 두명의 외야수가 타자의 홈런을 저지하게 됩니다. 타자가 홈런을 치면 공격 팀에 1점이 부여되며, 외야수가 날아오는 공을 잡으면 수비 팀에 1점이 부여됩니다.

Home Run Derby X에서는 내야와 담장 너머에 타겟이 설치 되며, 타자의 공이 타겟을 맞추게 될 경우 추가로 1점이 부여됩니다. 만약에 타자가 상승세를 타게 되면 Hot Streak를 발동시킬 수 있으며, 5번의 타석 동안 점수가 두배로 계산 됩니다. Hot Streak 동안에는 공격 팀 뿐만 아니라 수비 팀의 점수도 두배!

MLB 올스타의 홈런 더비와 다른 점은 무엇인가요?
Home Run Derby X는 올스타 홈런더비와 다르게 팀 경기로 각 팀이 공격과 수비를 모두 진행합니다. 각 팀은 4명의 타자, 1명의 투수로 총 5명의 선수로 구성되어 있으며, 공격 팀은 홈런과 타겟 히트로 점수를 올리며 수비 팀은 외야 캐치로 점수를 올리게 됩니다.

Home Run Derby X는 매년 진행되나요?
메이저리그는 Home Run Derby X의 장기적인 발전에 만전의 노력을 다하고 있습니다. 2022년의 Home Run Derby X는 추후 확장 개발이 예정되어 있는 다년간의 프로젝트의 서막입니다.

어느 팀들이 참가하나요?Home Run Derby X에는 MLB의 아이콘이라고 할 수 있는 보스턴 레드삭스, 시카고 컵스, LA 다저스와 뉴욕 양키스가 참가합니다.

한 팀에 몇명의 선수가 참가하나요?각 팀 별로 레전드, 슈퍼스타, 루키, 와일드카드와 투수, 총 5명의 선수가 참가합니다.

어떤 선수들이 Home Run Derby X에 참가하나요?각 팀 별로 MLB 레전드, 슈퍼스타, 루키, 와일드카드 그리고 투수가 참가하게 됩니다.

레전드는 전직 MLB 선수들이며, 팀의 공격을 책임질 선수들 입니다. 슈퍼스타는 여자 야구 및 소프트볼의 간판 선수들이며 루키는 남자 야구 기대주들입니다. 와일드카드는 야구 입문자에서 홈런 타자로 성장하기까지의 여정을 보여줄 수 있는 컨텐츠 크리에이터들입니다. 일반 야구와는 다르게 투수는 타자들과 같은 팀 소속으로 타자들이 홈런을 칠 수 있도록 정확한 공을 던져주게 됩니다. 선수들의 정보는 각 도시 경기에 맞추어 공개 예정입니다.

모든 Home Run Derby X에 같은 선수들이 참가하나요?
선수들과 경기 일정, 부상 혹은 질병과 같은 일이 아닌 경우 똑같은 팀이 모든 도시를 투어하게 됩니다.

루키는 어떤 선수들인가요?
루키들은 야구 유망주들입니다. 홈런 더비 X는 MLB가 국제 무대에서 재능을 부각시킬 수 있는 기회를 제공하고, 유망주들이 그들의 기술을 선보일 수 있는 발판을 제공합니다.

와일드카드는 어떤 훈련을 받게 되나요?
MLB는 야구 초보자인 와일드카드들을 파워 히터로 만들기 위한 강도 높은 엘리트 훈련 프로그램을 개발했습니다. 각 와일드 카드는 Home Run Derby X 투어 내내 함께 일할 개인 야구 코치가 배정되며, 이들은 레전드로부터 멘토링을 받고 Home Run Derby X 훈련 캠프에도 참석할 예정입니다.

홈런은 어떻게 득점하나요?타자가 타격한 공이 그라운드에 바운드 되지 않고 담장을 넘어가면 홈런으로 간주됩니다. 홈런을 치면 공격 팀에 1점이 부여되게 됩니다.

홈런 외에 다른 방법으로 점수를 올릴 수 있나요?선수는 타겟을 맞추거나 날아오는 야구공을 잡아서 점수를 올릴 수 있습니다. 내야에 있는 두개의 타겟 중 하나를 맞추게 되면 추가로 1점이 부여되며, 담장너머의 타겟 중 하나를 명중하게 되면 홈런 1점, 타겟 1점으로 총 2점이 부여됩니다. 캐치존에서 외야수가 공을 잡을 경우, 수비 팀에 1점이 부여됩니다.

Hot Streak는 무엇인가요?
타석 중 타자는 언제든지 점수가 두배로 계산되는 5개의 연속 투구를 요구할 수 있습니다. Hot Streak 중에는 공격 팀 뿐만 아니라 수비 팀의 점수도 두배로 계산됩니다.

Target Hit는 무엇인가요?
타겟 히트는 공이 바운드 되지 않고 타겟에 맞을 때를 의미하며, 공격 팀에 1점이 부여됩니다.

Home Run Derby X는 기존 야구장에서 진행되나요?
Home Run Derby X 경기장은 홈플레이트와 투수 마운드가 무대 위에 설치되는 축소된 야구장에서 진행됩니다.

우승팀은 어떻게 가려지나요?각 팀의 4명의 타자가 타석을 마친 후 가장 많은 점수를 획득한 팀이 우승하게 됩니다.

동점인 경우에 어떻게 승자를 가리게 되나요?각 팀은 타이 브레이커로 10개의 공을 상대할 타자를 한 명 선정합니다. 선정된 선수의 타격은 홈런일 경우에만 점수로 인정되며, Target Hit나 외야 캐치는 점수로 인정되지 않습니다.

각 도시마다 몇 개의 Home Run Derby X 경기가 진행되나요?각 도시마다 예선전 2경기와 3,4위전 그리고 결승전까지 총 4개의 Home Run Derby X 경기가 진행됩니다. 각 도시마다 순위별로 승점이 주어지게 되며 투어의 마지막에 Home Run Derby X 챔피언을 가리게 됩니다.

Home Run Derby X는 언제 개최되나요?
2022년에는 런던, 서울, 멕시코 시티에서 개최 예정입니다.

● 7월 9일 – 크리스털 팰리스 공원 / 런던

● 9월 17일 – 장소 추후 공개 / 서울

● 10월 15일 – 캄포 마르테 / 멕시코 시티

Home Run Derby X에도 최종 우승자가 있나요?
각 도시에서 진행 된 경기의 순위를 바탕으로 승점을 부여하며, 전체 리더보드에 승점이 반영되게 됩니다. 해당 리더보드의 승점으로 최종 토너먼트의 시드를 결정하게 됩니다.

경기 외에 다른 즐길 거리들이 있나요?
Home Run Derby X는 하루 종일 즐길 수 있는 페스티벌입니다. Home Run Derby X 경기가 그 중심에 있으며 야구장에서 영감을 받은 식음료와 액티비티, 라이브 음악, DJ들이 관객들에게 즐거움을 선사할 예정입니다. 자세한 내용은 추후 공개될 예정입니다.

음식이 있을까요?
네, 각 팀의 야구장의 특색이 있는 식음료를 만나보실 수 있습니다.

음악이 있나요?
네. Home Run Derby X에는 DJ와 헤드라인 아티스트들의 공연이 있을 예정이며 자세한 내용은 추후 공개 됩니다.

코로나19 방역조치는 어떻게 되나요?
MLB는 Home Run Derby X 개최 도시들의 코로나 상황을 지속적으로 모니터링 하고 있으며 지역 보건 당국 규정과 MLB의 정책에 따라 지도할 계획입니다.

티켓은 어디서 구매 할 수 있나요?
Home Run Derby X 티켓 정보와 구매처는 각 이벤트 별로 추후 공유 될 계획입니다. 제일 최신 정보를 받기 원하신다면 mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX 에서 구독하셔서 행사에 대해 가장 먼저 알아보세요.

티켓 가격은 얼마인가요?
티켓 가격 정보는 각 이벤트 별로 추후 발표 예정입니다. 제일 최신 정보를 받기 원하신다면 mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX 에서 구독하셔서 행사에 대해 가장 먼저 알아보세요.

전 ‘투어’ 티켓을 묶음으로 살 수 있나요?
올해 처음으로 진행되는 Home Run Derby X에서는 묶음 판매를 하지 않습니다.

어디서 이 행사에 대해 더 자세히 알 수 있나요?
모든 정보는 mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX에서 찾으실 수 있으며 MLB 계정 (@mlb)을 팔로우 하시면 최신 뉴스를 받아보실 수 있습니다.

Home Run Derby X를 온라인이나 TV에서 시청할 수 있나요?
네, 홈런 더비 X 이벤트는 생방송으로 진행되며 하이라이트도 시청할 수 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 곧 발표될 예정입니다.

라이브 스트림은 어디서 찾을 수 있나요?
mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX & @mlb