• 3-on-3 Baseball

  • A derby with defense

  • 3 at-bats per team of 2 min 30 sec each

  • Offensive points for Home Runs

  • Defensive points for Catches

  • Most points wins


“To be back for the 2024 MLB HRDX is a dream! Being a part of it from the start and seeing the way it has grown, this event is just FUN! Baseball fans around the world would enjoy every second of it. I know I have! I can’t wait for this year’s state-side events; it’s going to be EPIC!!”

- Alex Hugo, Played in HRDX from 2022-23 and back for 2024

“It’s different and it’s exciting, it’s one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen here”

- Audience Member, Fredericksburg Nationals, 2023

“We’ve been down to some gnarly games here, and this is the most amount of people I’ve seen here in the stadium at one time”

- Audience Member, Fredericksburg Nationals, 2023