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Parent FAQs

How can I get a Local Competition in my community?

Coaches, league administrators, adult volunteers and other adults within a local community/recreation organization may sign up to host at If you would like more information about hosting a competition, please send an email to

Who can participate in the competition and what are the age groups?

The competition is open to all boys and girls age 14 and under. All participants compete together against each other in one of two age groups (12U or 14U). A participant's age is determined as of July 17, 2019. Therefore, if a participant's date of birth is on or after July 18, 2006, he/she will compete in the 12U age group. If a participant's date of birth is July 18, 2004 - July 17, 2006, he/she will compete in the 14U age group.

I want to register my son/daughter. How can I find out where my nearest Local Competition is?

You may view an online listing of Local Competitions on our website beginning in early 2019 to find out where your closest Local Competition(s) will take place. Keep in mind Local Competitions can occur from early 2019 through early May. Locate your nearest competition and contact the Local Competition host to find out more information about the event you're interested in. You also want to be sure the date, time and location of the event have not changed.

If I find a competition I want to attend on the online listing, should I just show up?

Yes. To help in the registration process, please bring a copy of the registration form and a copy of a valid birth document. If there is not a local competition near you, please encourage your coach or league to sign up to host.

What is the Local Competition fence distance and how many swings does a participant get?

Each local host can determine the most appropriate competition format for their Local Competition so long as all participants in each age group compete under the same rules.

My child won at his/her Local Competition. Where do we go from here?

Local Champions will advance to the nearest Regional Competition. A Regional Competition will consist of all Local Champions from a particular market competing against one another in a standardized home run derby format determined by Jr. Home Run Derby Staff. Upon winning at your Local Competition, a Jr. Home Run Derby Staff Member will provide you with information on your nearest Regional.

Is a child allowed to compete in more than one Local Competition?

Yes. Participants may compete in more than one Local Competition, but may only compete once in subsequent levels of the competition.

My child won at his/her Regional Competition. What happens next?

Regional Champions will be determined at the Regional Competition. The Regional Champion in each age group will receive a trip for two (participant and legal parent/guardian) to MLB All-Star Week for the Jr. Home Run Derby National Finals. Travel will include transportation, lodging, meals and event tickets.

What is the age cut-off date?

Your child's age as of July 17 of this year will determine his or her age in this year's competition.