PDP Performance Assessment Evaluations

30-Yard Sprint

The Sprint assessment captures 45 feet (15 yards) of step-by-step gait analysis that breaks down the athletes’ speed generation and acceleration with a focus on left leg vs. right leg performance. In addition, a reaction time is captured (the athletes react to a randomized stimulus to start), along with a 10-yard split, and an overall 30-yard sprint time.

Batting Practice – Swing & Ball Flight Analysis

Swing analysis metrics (pre-swing to contact; i.e. barrel speed, swing plane) are captured during batting practice using a bat sensor on the knob of the bat. Ball flight analysis metrics (contact and exit data; i.e. exit velo, launch angle) are also captured.


The Counter Movement Jumps assessment consists of three consecutive two-legged vertical jumps. This assessment looks at an athlete’s ability to repeat power and exhibit dynamic stability and control while assessing explosiveness on the y-plane.

Drift 2D Protocol

The 2D Drift Protocol consists of five single leg jumps on each leg. This assessment relays power generation, the ability to repeat that power, dynamic stability and balance and can help identify areas for improvement in the foundation of the athlete.

Dynamic Broad Jump

The Dynamic Broad Jump involves an athlete performing a broad jump to generate their power as quickly as they can to jump as far as they can. This assessment captures ground contact time, flight time, distance and power generation on the x-plane.


The Hawkeye assessment measures an athlete’s cognitive speed of processing in milliseconds as they identify images displaying at varying speeds for accuracy.

Height/Weight/Grip Strength

An accurate height and weight are captured at the day of the activation as well as the athletes’ grip strength in three different positions (straight down, arm at 90-degree angle, straight up) on each arm.


Man-in-the-Box is a true agility assessment consisting of two levels: capture the green box and capture the green 3. Capture the green 3 is designed to enhance the difficulty of the first green box assessment. This assessment is conducted in place of a traditional 5-10-5 agility shuttle and adds the element of unpredictability that is present in all athletic competition.

Performance Vision Screen

The performance vision screen tracks eye movements, processing and reaction speeds, static visual acuity and dynamic visual acuity among other performance vision-related metrics.

Pitcher Ball Flight Analysis

Pitcher ball flight analysis (velocity, spin rate, pitch break/movement data) is captured during bullpen and exhibition game settings.