Microgate Optojump

The Microgate Optojump system allows for portable advanced gait and dynamic stability test. Using “skis” equipped with optical sensors, the equipment gives measurements within an accuracy of 1 cm. This testing gives players insight into their body to recognize imbalances and deficiencies that could potentially lead to injury and lower on-field performance.

Microgate Witty SEM

The Microgate Witty SEM system is a set of “smart indicators” with a proximity sensor that allows for true agility and cognitive function tests. This allows players to be tested on how their brains' cognitive speed of processing effects their on-field performance in tasks like pitch identification and initial jumps while fielding.

Jamar Hand Dynamometer

The Jamar Hand Dynamometer allows for grip strength measures in pound and kilograms for players. Grip strength is related to metrics such as spin rate in baseball.

Right Eye

Right Eye’s Sport Vision Module gives players insight into their functional and on-field vision performance. This gives players insight into metrics like dynamic and static acuity, depth and contrast stability.

Rapsodo Hitting

Rapsodo Hitting 2.0 gives players and coaches real time access to key performance metrics like launch angle, exit velocity and spin rate. This gives players objective results on their performance and areas that they can improve.

Rapsodo Pitching

Rapsodo Pitching gives real time access to key pitching metrics like velocity, spin rate and spin axis. These objective metrics gives players insight to their performance and areas where they can improve.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics allows players to get real time swing analytics in an easily portable system. Metrics like bat velocity and attack angle allow players to better understand swing planes and how their mechanics effect their swing performance.


Trackman’s radar technology is used by USA Baseball in equipped stadiums. This gives access to advanced metrics like pitch speed, spin rate, batted ball exit velocity and launch angle in one system. This gives players an objective look at their on-field performance.

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