Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Reds Hall of Fame start?

The Reds Hall of Fame debuted in 1958 with the induction of Ernie Lombardi, Johnny Vander Meer, Paul Derringer, Bucky Walters and Frank McCormick. All were stars from the 1939-'40 championship teams.

The Reds Hall of Fame is the biggest team Hall of Fame in baseball with 90 members. In 2021, Marty Brennaman became the most recent inductee.

How have players been elected?

From 1958-'88, players were selected by a fan vote. Ballots were printed in the newspapers. After a nine-year hiatus, Hall of Fame inductions were revived in 1998 by the Cincinnati chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America and the COO of the Reds, John Allen. The writers, whose national organization selects the players for the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, elected the players to the Reds Hall of Fame from 1998-2004.

Beginning in 2005, Hall of Famers have been elected through a Modern Player Ballot or by the Reds Hall of Fame Veterans Committee. For more information on both methods of election as well as eligibility requirements, please visit the Selection Process page.

What are the qualifications to be eligible for the Reds Hall of Fame?

Players must have played for the Reds for a minimum of three seasons. Managers, executives, and contributors may also be considered.

Have there always been Hall of Fame plaques?

Every inductee has been honored with a bronze plaque containing a likeness of the player. The Reds plaques are similar in quality and appearance to the plaques of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Until the new Hall of Fame and Museum opened in 2004, the Hall of Fame plaques did not have a permanent home. During the Crosley Field years, the Hall of Fame plaques hung on beams in the concession areas beneath the main stands. During the Riverfront years, the plaques were kept in storage and occasionally put on public display. In September 2004, the plaques were hung in their permanent home in the Reds Hall of Fame Gallery.

Who is in the Reds Hall of Fame?

The Reds Hall of Fame includes 81 players, five managers, three executives, and one broadcaster. The 81 players include 29 pitchers, 21 outfielders,10 first basemen, 7 second basemen, 7 shortstops, 3 third basemen and 4 catchers.