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Reds Summer Slugger Challenge: Hispanic Heritage Month

Summer Slugger Quiz

Here’s a chance to test your knowledge about the article you just read!

Submit your answers to these questions with your name and address to [email protected], and the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum presented by Dinsmore will send you a special Reds prize for participating.

  1. When is Hispanic Heritage month celebrated each year?
  2. Who were the first two Latin players to player for the Reds?
  3. How many seasons did Luque play in Cincinnati?
  4. What country is Luque from?
  5. With Luque’s help, what year did the Reds win their first World Series?
  6. How many games did Luque win in 1923?
  7. In what year did Dolf Luque become the first Latin player inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame?
  8. Can you name three other Reds players of Latin descent?