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Hall of Fame Legacy Campaign

As the first pitch was thrown for the 1869 Red Stockings, professional baseball was off and running in Cincinnati. With each team and season came inspiring and compelling characters, amazing athletic achievements, pennant wins and world championships first before hundreds and thousands of people and eventually before millions of fans all over the world.

We are incredibly proud of the rich history of the Cincinnati Reds and are committed to keeping the memories alive as we engage more fans each year. And this is why the 150th Anniversary Legacy Campaign was created. The campaign encompasses comprehensive renovations that were made to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum that are designed to enhance the overall fan experience. The newly-renovated museum opened its doors in March and fans have been thrilled with the results.

How can you get involved in the 150th Anniversary Legacy Campaign? Giving levels are listed below. Click "Donate Now" to make your contribution.


  • 150th Anniversary Donor Lapel Pin
  • Online Recognition


The word "baseball" as we know it was written as two words in 1869.


Benefits shown above from Vintage Base Ball Fan level PLUS,

  • Harry Wright Bobblehead
  • Harry and George Wright Commemorative Polyresin Busts
  • Recognition online and in printed collateral


The term "picked nine" referred to the starting lineup of a base ball game in the game's early days.


Benefits shown above from Red Stockings Picked Nine PLUS,

  • Name recognition at the museum during the 150th Anniversary year
  • Invitation for two to celebratory event associated with the Anniversary, to take place in 2019
  • Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Photo Book


The Cincinnati Red Stockings were a perfect 57-0 in the 1869 season.


  • 150th Anniversary Donor Lapel Pin
  • Recognition on the permanent 150th Anniversary Legacy Wall of Fame, online, and in printed collateral
  • Harry Wright Bobblehead
  • Harry and George Wright Commemorative Polyresin Busts
  • $1,000 World Champion Reds Hall of Fame Membership with associated benefits for 2019
  • VIP Invitation for two to celebratory events associated with the Anniversary, to take place in 2019, including a private donor event with Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench
  • Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Book


Harry Wright was the captain (manager) of the 1869 Red Stockings, in addition to playing center field and being the primary relief pitcher.


  • 150th Anniversary Donor Lapel Pin
  • Permanent Recognition on the 150th Anniversary Legacy, Wall of Fame, online and in printed brochure
  • Harry Wright bobblehead
  • Harry and George Wright Commemorative Polyresin Busts
  • Two (2) $1,000 World Champion Reds Hall of Fame Memberships with associated benefits for 2019
  • VIP Invitation for four to celebratory events associated with the Anniversary, to take place in 2019, including a private donor event with Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench
  • Personalized thank you letter signed by Johnny Bench
  • Commemorative 150th Anniversary baseball signed by Johnny Bench
  • Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Photo Book


Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench won 10 Gold Gloves in his career.


The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum wishes to thank the following contributors to our 150th Anniversary Legacy Campaign. Their generosity allows us to continue our pursuit to bring Reds history alive to generations of Reds fans.

The Cincinnati Reds 
Castellini Foundation 
The Williams Family 
Jeff Wyler Family 
AACE - African American Capital Enterprises 
Robert S. Crotty 
The Cobb Family 
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP 
Frank and Julie Cohen 
Drees Homes 
David B. and M. Anne Haire Family 
The Lindner Family 
Hillenbrand, Kennedy, and Ragland Families 
Sargent Family Foundation 
George H. and Kim Vincent 
LTC (R) Dave and Michelle Grob 
Nor-Com Technology Solutions 
PNC Bank 
Rhonda and Larry A. Sheakley 
Robert S. Castellini and sons Luke and Alex 
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 
Gary J. Gruber Family 
Rosie Reds, Inc. 
Tom Sundermann and Family 
Dr. Rick and Mendy Abrahamson 
Johnny, Bobby, Justin, and Joshua Bench 
Art and Joan Hauser
Roger and Gayle Lanham 
Dr. Robert S. Schneider and Russell N. Schneider 
Scott and Natalie Bluestein 
Burnette Family Charitable Foundation
The Mark and Julie Bissinger Family 
Sean Casey 
Jason Cohen 
Exact Metrology 
Gregory Gandy 
Dr. and Mrs. William Greenhill 
Harris Distributing Company 
Steven J. Kennedy
KLK Wealth Management Group & 19/19 Investment Council 
Doug & Gretchen Lefferson 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Loftspring 
Dennis McEvoy 
Tyler and Stephanie McMullen 
The Steiner and Miller Families 
Joey Votto 
Bob Wurster
Matthew Arlinghaus
Gregory Gajus
Geo. Buzz Guckenberger
Lisa Herzog
Greg and Pam Houston 
Greg Jarvis 
Gene & Tammy Lease
Tony Malagari 
Kendall Meyer 
Kim and Bonnie Nuxhall
Western & Southern Financial Group 
Owen J. Williams 
Brian Bailey 
Greg Bensman 
Mindy Bowman 
Rob & Nancy Brankamp
Melissa Briede 
Joe Brown 
Kevin Brown
James P. Buckmann
Danny Carpenter
Kevin Carroll
David Carson 
The Chamberlain Family 
Nancy K. Chastain
Cary & Clare Watson 
Jack Coe
Jim Cornett 
Bradley Crump 
Linda J. Cruse
Alan Dackiw
Steven Damolaris
Kevin and Shelly Donovan
Kimberly Dowell 
Mitchell Dunvan
Matthew Edwards
Chris Ellis
Marcus Evans 
Andrew Fenner
Diana Garbo 
Art Gardella 
Nick Gemmell 
Karl D. Gettmann 
Ryan Gifford 
Michael Goldshot 
Joyce Graeter
Jane A. Grimm 
Kyle Hensley
Andrew Herman
David Hicov
Jason Hinners
Vern and Sue Hoying 
Robbie Huff 
Wayne Huff 
In memory of Jack and Gertrude Schaefer
In memory of John Dalton 
In memory of Bill Kier
In memory of Ival Goodman 
In memory of Patricia Kraemer
In memory of Charles and Judy Huff
In memory of Terry Pfotenhauer
Orlando Itin
Herb & Jan Wedig 
Jerry McArthur 
Randall Justice
Roger Ketterer 
Mark Kuhlman 
Matt Langworthy
Brian Longstreth
Dean Lowe
Ken Ludington 
Stuart Lunsford
Millard H. Mack 
Jon Markle 
Roger Martin 
Roger McClary
Albert Meininger 
Hank Menninger 
Jim Miller
Soctt & Bev Mitchell 
Dennis Myers
Mike Naseef
Jonathan Nugent 
Greg Olthaus 
Sylvia Osterday
William Owen 
Ron Pimpsner
David Plaut 
Matthew A. Poe 
Dave Poole 
David Purdon 
Robert E. Quinn 
Rossi Ralenkotter 
William E. Reinberger
Jeffrey W. Schneider 
Rick Shoultz
Philip South
Mitchell Spivey
Perry & Kathy Thacker 
Thomas Thrasher 
To celebrate Team Popelar
To celebrate the Swinney Family
To celebrate Kenneth Ray Johnson
To celebrate Cincinnati Reds and Professional Baseball
Diane Tokorsky 
Timothy Tyler 
Fred and Joyce Valerius
Jean Venerable 
Evanne Volz
Tim Wartman 
Don Werner 
Susan White
Jon Whited
John Wigger
Michael Witt
Betty Ackerman
Ryan Asbrock 
Stephen Belanich 
Rob Blackburn
Jean F. Blackburn
Jon Borie 
Thomas O. Bowns
Truman Boyes
Jim Braun
Scott Brigger
Jerry D. Brinkley
Rita Brockman 
Mark Brown 
Ralph Brueckner 
Mr. Gerald Caldwell
Todd Carris 
Joy Ellen Carstens 
Steve Caudill
George Culver 
Dick Durand
Ken Elliott
Barbara Ellwein
Ana Eng
Justin Erenkrantz
Daniel Foley
Thomas A Fritsch 
Richard Fuchs 
John Fulford 
Jason Gaedtke
Steve Gatsch 
Brad Gerth 
Tim Gilbert
Joshua Gleberman
Rich Godsil
Betty Goodwin 
Wayne Granger
Edward Hall
Grace M. Harrod
Ruth Hartzell 
Carl Hickey 
Frank Hodges
Darren Hoelle 
Constance Hogan 
In honor of Johnny Edwards
In honor of Dow Sutton
In honor of Albert Lee Cox
In memory of Margaret Wells 
In memory of Richard DePuccio
In memory of Buzzy and Bernie Uchtman
In memory of Carl D. Keller
In memory of Bryce Mansfield 
In memory of Earl E. Wigger
Sarah Kapcar 
Alex Kapcar 
Brian Kapcar
Jeffery Kerns 
Bill & Nancy Koebel
Denice Koenig
Fred Kurzeja
Mary Leedy
Barb Lieurance
Dave Lieurance
Mark Lingg 
Gene Lockwood
Andrew Maloney
Todd McDorman
Thomas Metters 
Jack Middendorf 
William Mier
Terry Miller 
Carol Moses 
Robert Murray 
Bryan Murray
Reed L. Musgrove 
Linda Myers
Charles Oakes 
Kathy O'Hara 
C. Corey Ohmer 
Matthew Pittinger 
Taelor Puckett
Peggy Rabitin
Norma Rebholz 
Myra and Glenn Riefle
William Root
Robert Schrenk
John C. Schuckmann
Jim Seibert 
Diane G. Senske
Rhonda J. Shelton 
Gary Solgere 
Shawn Sparks
Scott M Spinner 
William Stephenson 
Luke Stroh
Nathan Stroh
Seth Stroh
Dee Taylor
To celebrate the Cincinnati Reds 
To celebrate Kelly and Jacob Dunn
To celebrate Alex and Ben Young
Mike Turner
Johnny Wey
Ross P. Wharfield
Robert Wilhelm 
Tyler Wiltshire
Bradley R. Wolf 

Call the Reds Hall of Fame at (513) 765-7921 for information on creating legacy naming opportunities.

The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. A portion of your contribution may be tax-deductible as allowable by law. We recommend that you consult a tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your contribution.