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Celebrate your special occasion with the Toronto Blue Jays!


1. How do I get my message displayed on the video board?

For a $100.00 donation to Jays Care Foundation, you can have your message displayed on the video board at an upcoming Blue Jays home game.

With an additional $25.00 donation, you will receive a video file of your message which will be sent via email at the end of the month.

2. What type of messages are allowed?

Any celebration message - birthday, retirement, graduation, anniversary etc.

We do not accept any prom/wedding proposals, "In Memory Of" messages, or any messages with mention of Toronto Blue Jays, opposing teams, or specific players.

Messages that contain inappropriate content will not be displayed.

Messages are subject to approval of the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

3. How long can my message be?

Your message can be up to ten (10) words in total - think short and sweet!

Messages longer than ten (10) words will not be accepted.

4. Why can't I find the date I'm looking for?

Once games are sold out, the dates will be removed from the video board website.

5. Can I see the video board from my seat?

Please note: the video board cannot be seen from every seat. Check out our virtual venue to get a preview of the view from your seats!

6. When will my message appear on the video board?

Your message will appear between 3rd - 6th inning of the game. Timing of the message changes depending on flow of game.

7. I missed the message can I get a refund?

Video board messages are non-refundable. However, with an additional $25.00 donation you will receive a video file of your message to keep.

8. I purchased a video file when will I receive this?

All video files will be sent via email at the end of the month, regardless of the day they appear in stadium.

9. Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes - all donations to the video board program will receive a tax receipt for donation amount.

10. Can my celebration message include a photo or video?

At this time, only text celebration messages are able to be submitted.

11. Will my friends and family watching the Blue Jays game at home see my video board message on television?

Video board messages are only shown in-stadium at Rogers Centre.

12. I still need help!

Please contact [email protected] for any further questions.