Step into the excitement of a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre with our exclusive Take Me Out To The Ballgame experience, designed to create unforgettable moments for kids facing barriers. Jays Care offers special ballpark opportunities through the Jays Care Community Clubhouse, Commissioner’s Tickets program, ticket reallocation from our generous fans, and through our partnership with Kids Up Front.

The Jays Care Community Clubhouse is an inclusive, specially curated double-luxury suite at Rogers Centre, that not only offers a prime view of the game, but also delivers an all-star major league experience for groups of youth who would otherwise not have an opportunity to attend.

Please Note: Jays Care prioritizes the Take Me Out To The Ballgame program to our current program partners across the country. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners and implementing a Jays Care program, please see the links below on how to get involved:

This past season we were able to host 5,490 kids in stadium, with 2,941 attending the Jays Care Community Clubhouse. Our goal for this season is to increase that number so that we can grow the amount of youth that are able to experience the magic of a Blue Jays game.

“Words can not express how thankful we are to Jays Care for the amazing experience our group from Precious Minds had yesterday. We are so unbelievably thankful! There was so much joy and excitement in the Clubhouse yesterday, it was beautiful.” - Precious Minds

“We had students with a variety of needs attend the game and to see their reactions to everything from the food provided, to the amazing seats, to having Ace come into our suite and not only take pictures but dance and interact with the students was absolutely priceless!” - Canadian Martyrs

“The Blue Jays game experience for our students was second to none. The students thought this was the best time they have had in a long time.” - Cedarland Public School

"The look on my brother's face when I said we were going to a Blue Jays game was awesome. When we actually got there we went upstairs to a suite and had food, he almost lost it he was so excited! It was good to be able to invite my brother because I know my parents wouldn't be able to afford to take him" - George Hull Centre for Children and Families

For more information about the Take Me Out To The Ballgame program, please contact Marlon Rohoman at [email protected] or Justin Patel at [email protected].