Take Me Out To The Ballgame helps remove barriers for kids so they can experience the magic of a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre first hand. Jays Care offers ballpark experiences through the Jays Care Community Clubhouse, ticket reallocation from our generous fans and through our partnership with Kids Up Front. The Jays Care Community Clubhouse is a kid-friendly, double-luxury suite at Rogers Centre that provides a first-class major league experience for groups of youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend.

Groups applying for the Jays Care Community Clubhouse must be:

  • A non-profit organization serving children and youth facing barriers
  • Able to provide transportation to and from Rogers Centre
  • Note: School applications within Toronto must be considered priority schools within TDSB and model schools within TCDSB

Over 3,500 kids are given the opportunity to experience a Blue Jays game for the Jays Care Community Clubhouse annually

Over 5,000 tickets were generously donated by fans last season alone

"I never thought I'd get to go to a game. This was a dream come true!" - Jays Care Community Clubhouse guest from FCJ Refugee Centre

"It was an incredibly fun experience for everyone who attended and we can't thank you enough! We are so thankful and grateful for this generous gift" - The Lighthouse Centre for Grieving Children

"The look on my brother's face when I said we were going to a Blue Jays game was awesome. When we actually got there we went upstairs to a suite and had food, he almost lost it he was so excited! It was good to be able to invite my brother because I know my parents wouldn't be able to afford to take him" - Jays Care Community Clubhouse guest from the George Hull Centre for Children and Families